Fulton County Schools Volunteer Registration Portal

  • This portal is designed to assist you in registering to be a Supervised Volunteer with the Fulton County School District. Every Supervised Volunteer must complete the Child Abuse Reporting Protocol training and have an active approval status in the volunteer registration system (Checkmate) before they begin volunteering at each school. Volunteer registrations expire two years from the date of approval.  Any previous volunteer in the district must complete the Child Abuse Training and complete a new application when their volunteer registration has expired. If you are volunteering at multiple locations, add each location to your Checkmate application. Each school will be responsible for the approval status individually.


    Fulton County School District will make reasonable efforts to accommodate visitation requests while prioritizing our students' and staff's safety and well-being. The highest priority is to provide a safe and positive learning environment for students and staff. Refer to District Policy KM Visitors and Volunteers for more information.


    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us.

What is a Fulton County Schools Supervised Volunteer?

  • A supervised school volunteer is a non-paid individual who contributes their time and effort to actively supporting school functions under the direct supervision and guidance of school staff. The category of supervised school volunteer includes, but is not limited to, one who performs duties that an employee could perform, such as making copies, filing, sorting, assisting with lunch duty, media center or front office tasks, and school day field trips. At no time should a supervised school volunteer be left alone and unobserved with an individual student in a private or secluded area such as an office or classroom. However, persons operating in an official capacity, such as a court-appointed advocate, who provides proper identification and has parental or guardian permission, may meet privately with students without being observed.

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Volunteer Questions?

  • Please contact:

    Badging Department
    Human Resources


    Questions regarding Checkmate and approval status?

    Contact your school directly

Volunteer Process Frequently Asked Questions

  • The following information is provided to help school administrators, faculty, staff and parents understand changes in the policies affecting school volunteers and field trips. These policy revisions were made to address parent and community concerns regarding student safety during and after the school day.

    Per Board Policy IFCD, all volunteers who will be working with students of the school must complete a Volunteer Registration Application on an bi-annual basis. Furthermore, school volunteers are mandated reporters of abuse pursuant to OCGA 19-7-5.

    All persons interested in volunteering in the Fulton County School District must complete an application every two years. Even if a person has completed an application in the past. To keep in compliance with State Law and best practices, we will require everyone to re-register/register every two years based on the following volunteer service periods.

    Volunteer Service Periods:
    June 2022 thru May 2024
    June 2024 thru May 2026

    The registration process can be found on the FCS District Website under Community/Partners and Volunteers. In accordance with State Law, all volunteers must be current with the Child Abuse Reporting Protocol Training before being allowed to volunteer in our schools. All applicants must wait 24 hours after applying for application processing. Applicants should be prepared to spend about 10-15 minutes for the training and application process. It is very important that volunteers enter their full legal name as it appears on government issued ID. Please do not use nicknames or goes by names on the application.

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