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Bus Expectations For Elementary School (2022-23)

Bus Expectations For Middle School (2022-23)

About FCS Transportation

  • The Transportation Department focuses on Service, Excellence, Accountability and Teamwork (SEAT) by operating safe, clean and well-maintained school buses; providing safe and timely routing; and by taking pride in the services offered to students, parents, and staff. A comprehensive training program ensures that Transportation’s core values of Safety-First, Integrity, Excellence, Accountability and Teamwork, are shared with every new driver and each existing staff member.


    Our Mission:

    To deliver students safely to their destinations on time and in a frame of mind ready to learn.

    Our Purpose:

    To provide safe and efficient transportation that meets all of the requirements of the daily instructional programs and extra-curricular activities.


    Transportation Department Facts

    • We operate the fourth largest school bus fleet in the state of Georgia.
    • Our school buses travel over 1,000,000 route miles monthly.
    • We service 111 schools, including charter schools and other educational centers.
    • Our fleet transports more than 78,000 students twice a day.
    • We provide bus service for more than 25 additional educational programs encompassing before school, during school, and after school events.
    • Our school buses are equipped with GPS tracking and a minimum of three interior video cameras on each bus.
    • Our Fleet Maintenance facilities provide safe vehicles that are maintained to manufacturer’s specifications and comply with all State and Federal standards.
    • Our school buses are safety inspected every 20 days and must pass an annual inspection by the Georgia Department of Public Safety.



    • Each new driver will receive more than 12 hours of classroom training, a minimum of 12 hours of drive time with and without students, and pass to become a CDL driver.
    • New drivers must pass a drug and alcohol test, a criminal background check, and have a good MVR history.
    • Veteran drivers must annually pass a written competency test, eleven scored driving skills, a check ride, and a student loading/unloading assessment.
    • Veteran drivers must keep their CPR certification current, their FCS First Aid certification current, and their Green Cross Defensive Driving certification current.

Transportation Offices

  • Transportation North

    410 South Main Street
    Alpharetta, Georgia 30009
    Phone: 470-254-2970
    Fax:     470-254-2978


    Transportation South

    107 Heath Street
    Fairburn, Georgia 30213
    Phone: 470-254-6060
    Fax:     470-254-6093

We Value:

  • Service