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TeleSchool Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is TeleSchool?

    A: TeleSchool is a strategy for learning continuity to be deployed for extended time away from school. This plan will start on Monday, March 16th and assumes that power and internet connectivity are not disrupted. This extended remote engagement would apply to all schools with support from district staff.


    Q: How do I log into mychild’s school accounts?

    A: Most Fulton County Schools Digital Resources can be accessed by logging into Classlink. You can access Classlinkby visiting At Autrey Mill, we utilize Google Classroom and your child can show you how to access this information.


    Q: What is ClassLink (Launchpad)?

    A: Launchpad is a single sign-on platform that will allow you to use your FCS username and password to access everything you need. Classlink (Launchpad) delivers instant access to your web resources from all your devices.


    Q: What do I do if I need technical assistance on TeleSchool?

    A: Should you require technical assistance through the TeleSchool Hotline by dialing 470-254-2300​​.


    Q: What do I do if I don’t have power or access to the internet at home?

    A: Students will be given at least two weeks to complete assignments upon returning to school.


    Q: How do I know what assignments my child should complete?

    A: All student assignments are listed by grade level under Autrey Mill Middle School's TeleSchool information page.


    Q: When are the assignments from TeleSchool due?

    A: Students will be given a minimum of two weeks to submit assignments upon returning to school.


    Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?

    A: General questions about your school’s TeleSchool lessons and assignments should be directed to the teacher and/or school. You can access the directory here.


    Q: Where can I find troubleshooting resources?

    A: Troubleshooting resources and information about how to access digital resources can be found on the Fulton County Schools TeleSchool’s Web Site.


    Q: What if I don’t know my child’s student ID number?

    A: Should you require assistance with login information on a TeleSchool day, you can call the TeleSchool Hotline by dialing 470-254-2300.


    Q: How can I reset my child’s password?

    A: Should you require assistance with passwords on TeleSchool Hotline by dialing 470-254-2300​​.

Who Should I Contact?

  • For all technology-related issues

    TeleSchool Hotline: 770-254-2300


    For all content-related issues


    Contact the individual teacher regarding any student assignments

Communication Protocol

AMMS Staff Directory

  • Click here for the AMMS Staff Directory and to contact individual teachers regarding student assignments.

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