• ** Due to the high volume of applications received, Fulton County Schools does not provide individual application status via phone. Please email substituteservices@fultonschools.org for information.

How to Become a Substitute

  • Complete the Application Requirements:

    • High School Diploma or GED, 24 Technical College hours or 30 College/University semester hours from an accredited institution (equivalency of one (1) year of college preferred. Official college transcript(s) MUST be uploaded with application. All foreign transcripts must be equivocated, through an approved agency. See Evaluation of Credentials.

    • Completion of the online STEDI Substitute Training Course ($39.95 fee) with a composite passing score of 85%. STEDI Sub Diploma MUST be uploaded with application. Visit www.stedi.org for training course. If you have a valid current teaching certificate, you are EXEMPT from taking the online Substitute Training Course; however, you MUST upload a copy of your valid current teaching certificate to your application.

    • Reference letters must be uploaded to your application from a current or former supervisor that includes a signature and telephone number.  (Peers, friends, colleagues are not acceptable).  If you were self-employed or a stay-at-home parent, please download a copy of the self-employed notification letter and upload it to your application under reference. See Self Employment Notification Form

    ** Applications without all necessary information (as seen above) will not be reviewed and considered incomplete. **



    Steps to Be Considered for Substitute Employment:

    To ensure that your application is given careful and timely consideration, you will need to follow the instructions below. Your application will not be considered for employment until you have completed the following steps.​

    1. Online Substitute Training Course:​

    This course is only required if you DO NOT have a teaching certificate. If you do have a valid teaching certificate, you are NOT required to take this STEDI course.

    Click the logo for more information regarding the online training course.

    STEDI Logo


    2. Substitute Application:

    All applicants must complete a Fulton County School System application. You must upload all the required documents before your application is considered complete. Your application will not be considered for employment if it is not complete.

    PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept any paper documents - ALL supporting documents must be uploaded.


    3. Completed Application Review:

    The Office of Substitute Services will carefully review all completed applications to make a hiring decision. If you are selected for hire, you will receive an email requesting that you complete an offer letter, a required background screening and all pre-employment forms.

    PLEASE NOTE: Not all completed applications will be selected for hire. Non-selected candidates will receive an email related to this decision.


    4. Background Screening:

    Approved applicants must complete background screening by visiting an approved GEMALTO location. Location information will be provided to you via email. Background screening must be completed within 10 days of timeline receipt.

    Applications and pre-employment documents must be completed within 30 days of receipt. FBI background results will expire 30 days after completion; if you do not attend a badging session within 30 days of fingerprinting, you will need to reapply and have fingerprinting re-completed.


    Each background screening is $51.50 per applicant. Background screening cost is not refunded or reimbursed.


    Once your completed application is reviewed and you're selected for hire and your background results have been cleared, you will be invited to attend a badging session.







    Paraprofessional/Clinic Aide/Clerical (PA2)

    (The above jobs are not eligible for long-term assignments)


    Substitute Teacher 


    Long-Term Teacher 

    (Teacher Positions Only)