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Make-Up Work

Students can substitute up to 5 absences per semester (a max of 10 per year) with a remote learning day by meeting the remote learning participation benchmarks listed in policy.  This would result in the student being counted as present for the day(s) they participate remotely.

Schools and teachers will make a good faith effort to have structures in place to clear late/missing assignments before grades are impacted. When a student has missed instruction, the teacher should work with the student to ensure the delivery of content before the student is assessed.

Should there be an extenuating circumstance for a prolonged absence and/or missing assignments/assessments and/or tasks, the teacher and student will create an appropriate plan to deliver content and assess student learning. 

Student Misses Work Due to Absence (Excused/Unexcused)

• Upon return to school, students will have an equal number of days as they were absent to complete any late/missing assignment, assessment, and/or task(s) for full credit.

• After the deadline of an equal number of days a student was absent, teachers may begin deducting points from a late/missing assignment, assessment, and/or task(s) (maximum 25% deduction).

• If a student fails to turn in a late/missing assignment, assessment, and/or task(s), then a zero may be entered in the grade book.

Teachers should make every effort to make sure the make-up work is standards-based and is focused on learning objectives that are necessary and crucial to mastering the content. Teachers should work within their professional learning communities to determine the appropriate amount of make-up work to determine student mastery.  Textbooks or other instructional materials may be requested for the student's use during the period of absence and must be returned promptly when the student returns to school. All efforts should be made to conduct student assessments in person rather than remotely.