Student Assignment Office

  • The mission of the Student Assignment Office is to verify school attendance boundaries and manage intra-district transfers. Transfer options include hardship transfers as defined by Board policy and Open Enrollment.

    The office is also responsible for private school attendance data collection and state reporting of these statistics as well. Additionally, the Student Assignment Office manages the application process for foreign exchange students seeking enrollment opportunities within the school district.


    Important Deadlines

    • Hardship Transfer applications accepted (Jan 1 - Feb 28)
    • Open Enrollment Transfer applications accepted (May 1 - 15)
    • Foreign Exchange Student applications are due
    • Private School Reporting is due


    Deadline is Feb. 28 for hardship transfer applications

    Applications are available beginning Jan. 1 for parents who wish to apply for a 2020-21 hardship transfer or to renew a current hardship to another Fulton elementary, middle or high school.

    Parents will use an online form, available through the school system’s web site, to enter and submit their information. Hard copy applications are not required this year, with the exception of medical transfers which require pertinent medical provider's signatures and documentation.

    The deadline for submitting a transfer application is Feb. 28, 2020, by 4:30 p.m., with no exceptions or extensions granted. All requests must be received or postmarked by this date and time. In addition, school system employees who have children receiving an employee hardship transfer must renew their request.

    The February 28 deadline applies to students and parents seeking a hardship transfer for medical reasons, curriculum differences, and child care situations or for employees' children.

    Schools participating in open enrollment, a separate transfer process that allows students to move to a school with available space, will be announced in early May.

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