I-Ready Impact Evaluation

February 2023

The i-Ready program by Curriculum Associates has two components: i-Ready personalized instruction and the i-Ready diagnostic assessment. The personalized instruction component provides interactive lessons based on the skill levels of individual students. The diagnostic assessment is a nationally normed adaptive formative assessment that can determine initial skill levels for personalized instruction and provides a general assessment of student achievement levels and growth. I-Ready has universal screening assessments that collect information to determine a student’s overall academic performance level and identify students who may benefit from additional services or supports to meet their learning needs. The i-Ready diagnostic has been used as a universal screening assessment in FCS.

The Department of Program Evaluation (DPE) contracted with Georgia State University’s Metro Atlanta Policy Lab for Education (MAPLE) to conduct this impact evaluation. The findings in this brief are abbreviated from their evaluation report.

i-Ready Research Brief.pdf, 430.05 KB; (Last Modified on March 14, 2023)