2021 Literacy Framework Evaluation Brief

Completed June 2021

Background: The Literacy Framework is a district-developed framework designed to provide a roadmap for instruction in the five pillars of reading and writing to ensure that all students read at or above grade level. There are two parts to the framework, one for elementary (K-5) and another for secondary (6-12). District literacy leaders created the Literacy Framework along with RMC Research in the spring of 2015. The initial implementation of the framework began in the fall of 2015, followed by more professional learning in 2016-17. The focus of the professional learning was to ensure systems, structures, and processes were in place for the LF, including a schedule breakdown of time dedicated to literacy and an emphasis on the five pillars of reading. A train-the-trainer model was utilized with principals, Curriculum Support Teachers (CSTs), and coaches to disseminate professional learning to teachers.

Literacy Framework Evaluation Brief 2021.pdf, 236.49 KB; (Last Modified on September 20, 2022)