The girls varsity tennis team traveled to Cambridge Wednesday for non-region matches. The lady Raiders took down Cambridge 4-1. Standouts:   Bella Markus and Alyssa Khalil in singles. 

Ashley Lu, Aditi Pesci, Ishita Ravi and Komal Chugh In doubles action. 


Congrats to our JV boys soccer for picking up another victory last night against region opponents, Woodstock. The team dominated, 7-0. Goalkeepers Juan Manuel Martinez and Alessio Pagliarulo (PAH-lee-ah-rule-oh) kept the clean sheet for the raiders. Goals came from Ryan Blokzyl, Rolando Perez, Elliot Cho, Leon Schmidt, Oscar Ramirez, and Siddhesh Parab. Assists came from Danny KLECK-er, Chris Wright, and Ryan Blokzyl. Go raiders! 


Raiders, as Kindness Week ends, remember today is Reverse R.I.C.H. Raider day! Students, you should have received a RICH Raider ticket that you are able to give out to a teacher or staff member. Please do so today! Teachers and staff, if you received any of these tickets, please take them down to the mailroom where you can enter them into a raffle to win prizes! There are 4 raffle buckets in the mailroom! May the odds be ever in your favor! 

Another reminder that the Door Decorating Contest is in full swing! 3rd period classes, please participate! The winning door will receive a pizza party sponsored by Student Council!  


A quick reminder that our AHS School Governance Council is currently seeking 1 parent and 1 teacher to join our award-winning team. The deadline to declare your interest is March 3rd. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the behind-the-scenes work that goes on at AHS and take on a great leadership role!  


Student Council is partnering with Free99Fridge to host a donation drive for loaves of bread, peanut butter, grape or strawberry jelly, granola bars, and fruit snacks! Our goal is to collect enough to make 300 meals that we will donate to this excellent organization. Please consider donating and bring your donation to Room 4314 or Room 3316. Along with our greatest appreciation, you will also receive a R.I.C.H. Raider ticket! Donations will be accepted until Monday, February 28th! On behalf of Student Council and our community, THANK YOU!   


Anchor Time Teachers, today you will play the Text4Help Campaign video during this period. Please find the link to the video in the calendar invitation sent out by Mr. Dice. If you are experiencing some technical issues, you can try to load the video by finding it in the banner on the AHS homepage. Please don’t forget to check that students complete the Check for Understanding at the end of the video and please give out R.I.C.H. Raider tickets for each student that shows you their submitted screen! 


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