Ladies Basketball 

On Saturday the Lady Raiders basketball team finished up their regular season by beating Lambert 69-51. The Raiders were led by Simone Lett with 26 points, Jodi Goins with 15 points, Jayda Smith with 13, and Njeri Lewis with 12.  

The Raiders will be playing in the first round of the Region tournament this Saturday at Milton. Girls at 5:00 and Boys at 6:30. We need you there to help cheer on the teams to qualify for state! 


Our debate team competed at two tournaments over the weekend and had great success.   At the Freshman and JV State Championship, Alpharetta finished 3rd in the state in both divisions. 

In the JV Division, the team of Lilly Swann and Bhaargav Balasubramaniam (BAR-GAHV BAHL-UH-SOO-BRAH-MAIN-EE-UHM)  finished 3rd and Bhaargav (BAR-GAHV) also earned 4th place individual speaker. 

In the Freshman Division, Ridah Shanavas (RIH-DUH SHAH-NAH-VAHS) and Raji Anand (RAH-JEE AH-NAHND) finished 3rd.  Ridah (RIH-DUH), Maya Nagia (MY-UH NAH-GEE-UH), and Dyumna Pandey (DYUHM-NUH PAHN-DEE) also finished in the top 10 speakers. 

The Varsity team of Anish Thatiparthi (AH-NEESH THAHT-IH-PAR-THEE) and Anish Nayak (AH-NEESH NIE-ACK) competed at the Golden Desert tournament hosted by UNLV and finished as the tournament runners up.  They also finished as the top speaker and 3rd speaker respectively.  This team is now ranked 16th overall nationally and are the 2nd ranked team of juniors in the country. 

FREE Tutoring 

The National Honor Society is offering FREE tutoring either in person or online in all subject for all grades.   

Whether it’s studying for a big exam or just trying to learn a concept, NHS is here to help! 

Please sign up though either the Alpharetta Website or Alpharetta’s NHS website or you can use the QR codes found around the school. 

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