End of Year Videos

Enjoy some favorites from this school year!


Kindergarten Classes:

Anglin's Class

Bannon's Class

Buxton's Class

Crawford's Class

Fournier's Class

Maple's Class


First Grade:

Barber's Class

Cruz's Class

King's Class

Lieblich's Class

Pope's Class

Reavis' Class

Sander's Class


Second Grade:

Consoer's Class

Goodloe's Class

Jones's Class

Martin's Class

Merrill's Class

Nichols' Class

Sarmir's Class


Third Grade:

See the Veteran's Day Video from earlier this year.


Fourth Grade:

Why Do Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears?

Flaherty's Class

Pierce's Class

Pierce (Sunbird Remix)

Ryan's Class

Schaffer's Class

Sidon's Class


Fifth Grade:

Comb's Class

Liggett's Class

Maple's Class

Phillipson's Class

Ray's Class