Honor Band


Congratulations to our band students who, by merit of their audition, were selected for the Fulton County Honor Band!


Ashley Kim

Kayley Hung

Jocelyn Hung

Michael Serafino

Emily Bridges

Mykai Delgado

Joshua Hutto

Kyle Soo

Eliott Taylor

Carthik Gorav

Madalyn Watermolen (Water-moh-lin)

Maxim Kransfeld

Nathan Kransfeld


AP Courses


Reminder for all students taking AP courses: You must have registered to sit for the AP exam. All AP exam orders will be finalized on November 12th. Please be sure you have completed this important registration to have an AP exam ordered for you and avoid a $40 late registration fee. GAVS students, if you have any questions regarding your AP exam registration, please contact Ms. Ketchup.


Attention current sophomores—the Statement of Intent for next year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is live and open! Visit the IB page on the AHS website for more details or contact Mr. Fortunato with questions.


New NHS inductees you must report to the Auditorium on Wednesday, tomorrow, November 10th for 5th period Anchor Time for a quick rehearsal.  If you are in an Anchor time class your attendance will be taken at the Auditorium.

Please check your student email for details.

Before and After School Building Access

Teachers, staff, and students, please note that official building and front office hours are from 7:30 to 4:00 each day.  As outlined before, there should be no students unattended in the building outside of those times.  The proper procedure for taking a test, attending a club, or dropping off work after school entails the teacher or staff member meeting the student at the door to allow entry.  For larger groups, we suggest designating a club or group member to attend the door with a printed list of students permitted in for meetings. Emails, notes, and passes will not suffice as they are not a guarantee that the teacher or staff member is still actually in the building.   We try to make every effort to accommodate teachers and students in this matter but recent events and safety and security reasons call for adherence to these procedures.


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