Attention Sophmores 

10th Graders will begin taking the YouScience profile tomorrow, Tuesday, in Anchor Time! You will discover your unique set of talents through the revolutionary intersection of aptitudes, interests, and personality activities. The online, scientific program takes you through a series of short assessments and interest questions, designed to determine your results in the 6 key aptitudes utilized in the working world. The results include a review of your strengths, suggested environments where you will succeed, detailed information on possible careers that match those skills and interests, majors that map to those careers, and much more. 


Alpharetta had a phenomenal weekend at the Marist debate tournament. 

In varsity, the team of Eshan Momin (E-shawn Mow Mihn) and Sameer Jivangikar (Suh-mere Jih van gikar) had a perfect tournament. They won the tournament, did not drop a ballot the entire time, and finished as 1st and second speaker. The team of Anish Nayak (Uh- neesh Nye ack)  and Anish Thatiparthi (Uh- neesh That-ih-par-thee) reached semifinals, and the team of Abhi Dasari and Advait Naik (Uh-bee Duh- sorry and Ad-vayt Naik) reached quarterfinals. All six varsity debaters won speaker awards.   

In novice, the team of Neha Mahesh (nay-hah ma-hesch) and Risha Kolla (Ree-sha Cola) finished as co-champions. Neha was 8th speaker. The teams of Ridah Shanavas (Rid-uh Shan-uh-vahs) and Audrey Paikeday and Dyumna Pandey (dum-nah Pandey) and Maya Nagia  (Maya Nah-gee-uh) reached octofinals. Congrats to all for a great tournament. 

Marching Band 

This past Saturday the Alpharetta High School Marching Raider Band competed against 11 bands from Georgia and Tennessee at The Conquest Marching Band competition hosted by Allatoona High School. The Marching Raiders had an amazing performance and wowed the judges and audiences. Our band swept the 5-A class by winning Best Music, Best Percussion, Best Color Guard, and Best Drum Major. The group ended up with the second highest score of the whole day in the Music and Percussion captions and first of the whole day in Color Guard and Drum Major. We are very proud of the accomplishments and achievements of our Marching Raider Band students. We wish them well as they prepare to compete nationally at Bands of America—Orlando next month. 

Homecoming Court 

Student Council would like to thank you all for participating in nominating a deserving classmate for 2021 Homecoming Court. In total, we had over 600 nominations! Now, it is time to announce the 2021 Homecoming Court! 

  • The FRESHMAN class representatives are: Madison McLin and Ethan Barbour. 
  • The SOPHOMORE class representatives are: Ja’La Drayton and David Landon. 
  • The JUNIOR class representatives are: Livia Fortes and Nikhil Iyer. 
  • The SENIOR FEMALE nominations are: Jaiden Bright, Emily Drazba, Jenna Jung, and Meredith Mazurik. 
  • The SENIOR MALE nominations are: Henry Hopper, Austin Huang, Vincent McMillon, and Augustus (AJ) Williams. 

TO ALL HOMECOMING COURT NOMINEES, please be sure to check your emails from Mr. Bolin and complete the form by Friday, October 1st 

TO ALL HOMECOMING COURT SENIOR NOMINEES, you will receive two emails from Mr. Bolin – please be sure to read both! 

AHS SENIORS ONLY, voting for your 2021 Homecoming King and Queen will open on October 4th and close on October 8th! You will receive an email to your FCSTU email containing the link to vote. Again, this is reserved for seniors only.  

Students on the 2021 Homecoming Court will be recognized at the football game on Friday, October 29th (versus Roswell!) during the halftime ceremony, in addition to announcing our 2021 Homecoming King and Queen! Make sure you buy a ticket and come out and support your fellow Raiders! If you have any questions, please email Mr. Bolin. Good luck to all of our seniors! 

Softball Senior Night 

Got plans for tonight?!  You do now, as it is our softball senior night!  Come support your Raiders at 5 PM as we host Osborne today and honor both team’s seniors!! 

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