RTMS Olympics

Join the RTMS Home Olympics!

Living in quarantine can feel boring and lonely, but we are all in this together. In order to build community, River Trail will provide fun challenges each week for the entire school community.  We will post 5 challenges a week on the River Trail website that students/parents/teachers/staff can participate in as a community. Participation will be entirely voluntary. Videos will be limited to 1-2 minutes and should be posted to Flipgrid to share with our community. All videos must be school appropriate.  Gold medal winners each week will be announced on the school website.


Please upload videos to https://info.flipgrid.com/

Flip Code: rtmsolympics

Password: Together

 Click HERE for directions on how to upload a video to FlipGrid

If you post your Olympic accomplishments on Twitter or Instagram, make sure to include #rtmsolympics

The RTMS Olympics Flipgrid will be open for video submissions through June 5th.  After that date, individuals may view the videos, but no additional submissions will be accepted. 


Final challenges: May 19-June 5





Adulting Challenge Week 6

Show us anything you do to help your parents/ guardians on a daily basis.




RTMS Home Olympics

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Athletic Challenge Week 6

This week you can choose to do the Water Bottle Flip Challenge or create a Track and field home event like Shotput with a sock aka Sockput, Javelin throw with a pool noodle, or create your own Olympic Themed event.




Musical Challenge Week 6

Recreate iconic dance moves. Create your own Evolution of Dance or show us your best iconic dance moves.




RTMS Home Olympics

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Silly Challenge Week 6


Reenact a scene from any movie inspired about teachers or any scene involving a teacher.

Movies about teachers or with memorable teacher scenes
- Ferris Bueller's Day Off
- Dead Poet's Society
- Lean On Me
- School of Rock
- Coach Carter
- The Ron Clark Story
- Sister Act 2
- Freedom Writers
- Dangerous Minds




RTMS Home Olympics

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Creativity Challenge Week 6

Create your own event or challenge and demonstrate it. 

- Keep it simple
- Keep it safe
- Keep it school appropriate 




RTMS Home Olympics

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Each time you upload a video, make sure to challenge 2 or more of your friends to view your video and make their own!