Updated Rising 6th Grader Information

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ATTENTION PARENTS! Do you have a rising 6th grader? If you do, that’s GREAT! Since our face to face Rising 6th Grade Parent Night had to be cancelled, we wanted to share this information with you. Please click here to learn about your child’s transition to middle school. We’re excited to have you join our AMMS family!

Rising 6th Grade PowerPoint


Students rolling up to 6th grade from our feeder elementary schools are NOT required to register NOR to complete an In System Transfer in the Parent Portal.   

ALL rising 6th graders ARE required to verify residency by providing 2 proofs of residence as detailed below.  Proofs can be emailed starting July 1, 2020 to AMMSresidency@fultonschools.org.   Please put student name in the subject line.


How Do We Verify Residence?

  1. One Utility Proof (MUST be current)
  • Water Bill
  • Electric Bill


  1. One Residence Proof (MUST be current)
  • Copy of home mortgage payment
  • Lease/Renters Agreement
  • Current bank statement
  • Copy of Section 8 / HUD housing contract
  • Copy of home contract
  • Homeowner's / Renter's insurance card
  • Current paycheck stub
  • State driver's license / ID with current address
  • Current HOA Bill / Statement


Note: Proofs should be collected upon entering K, 6th, 9th grade for new enrollees, and change of address