January 17, 2019 - Board Meeting


All school board members were present for the board meeting held at the South Learning Center.



The board took action on the following agenda items. Those indicated as first read, second read, tabled, etc., are still under discussion by the school board with action planned at a later meeting.


First Read Course Proposal - Dramatic Writing
Action Minutes of the December 2018 Board Meetings
Action 2019-20 and 2020-21 School Year Calendars
Action Social Studies Textbook Public Review
Action 2019-2020 Georgia Prekindergarten Grant Program
Action Board Policy EF - Business Continuity Plan
Action Board Policy EFAA - Student Attendance Records
First Read Board Policy IEB - Charter Schools
Action RFP No. 401-19, Centennial and Roswell High Renovations
Action RFP No. 413-19, Northwestern MS & Webb Bridge MS Renovations & Media Center Projects
Action Contracting Report for January 2019 for Items Between $100,000 and $1,000,000
Action IFB No. 143-15, Natural Gas
Action Financial Update
Action Monthly Capital Programs Report
Action FY2019 Mid-Year Budget Adjustments
Action Naming of North STEM School
Action Request Board Authority to Approve the Schematic Design for the South STEM school
Action Employee Travel Report for January 2019
Action FY2020 School Allotment Guidelines
Action FY2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report/Annual Audit Pension Trust Fund/Annual SPLOST Performance Audit


After meeting in executive session, the board approved land and legal items.



Field Trip Report for January 2019

Contracting Report for January 2019 for Items Between $25,000 and $99,999.99

Change Order Report for Errors, Omissions and Unforeseen Conditions

Special Revenue Fund/Grant Budget Adjustments

Facility Alteration Requests Report for January 2019

2018-19 Private School Report

Board Policy Review Schedule

Board Policy GAK - Personnel Records/Employees

Board Policy GBI - Professional/Classified - Evaluation

Board Policy GBKA - Professional/Classified - Reduction in Force

Board Policy GBM - Employee Transfers

Board Policy GBQ - Professional/Classified - Retirement

Board Policy GBRJ - Professional - Arrangement for Substitutes