September 20, 2018 - Board Meeting


All school board members were present for the board meeting held at the South Learning Center.


The board took action on the following agenda items.  Those indicated as first read, second read, tabled, etc. are still under discussion by the school board with action planned at a later meeting. 

Action Minutes of the August 2018 Board Meeting
Action 2018-19 Local School Board Governance Training Plan (action)
Action Board Policy ABCD - Board Member Method of Election (policy revision - action)
Action Board Policy BBBA - Board Member Duties (policy revision - action)
Action Board Policy BH - Board Member Code of Ethics (policy revision - action)
First Read Board Policy IDFA - Gender Equity in Sports (policy revision - first read)
Action Request Board Approval of Cell Tower Lease Agreement Amendment and Renewal at North STEM HS (action)
Action Request Board Approval of the FY 2020 Capital Outlay Program Funding Application (action)
Action Proposed Alteration Request at Johns Creek High School (action)
Action Request Board Authority to Enter a New Architectural Contract for the Replacement Crabapple MS on a Newly Selected Site (action)
Action Contracting Report for September 2018 for Items Between $100,000 and $1,000,000 (action)
Action RFP 144-18, Speech Therapy Services (action)
Action RFP No. 154-14, Multifunctional Copiers and Digital Duplicators (action)
Action SWCP 607-19, Contractor Operated Parts Store (action)
Action Financial Update (action)
Action Monthly Capital Programs Report (action)
Action September 2018 Proposed Budget Adjustments for FY 2019 (action)
Action Banking Resolutions (action)
Action Employee Travel Report for September 2018 (action)
Action RFP 403-18, Contract Increase for the Riverwood International Charter HS Replacement Project (action)
Action RFQ No. 104-17, School Turnaround Services (action)
Action Tax Anticipation Note 2018 Financial Institution Winning Bidder (action)
Action Single Source 266-19, School Turnaround Professional Development Services (action)
Action Employee Travel Report for UVA Travel (action)



Chanel Mason from Budget Analyst to Coordinator of Budget Services



Josh Lee Coordinator Broadcasting/Video 



Field Trip Report for September 2018

Contracting Report for September 2018 for Items Between $25,000 and $99,999.99

Change Order Report for Errors, Omissions and Unforeseen Conditions

Special Revenue Fund/Grant Budget Adjustments

Facility Alteration Requests Report for September 2018

Board Policy Review Schedule (information)

Board Policy IDDF - Response to Instruction and Intervention/Student Support Teams

policy and procedure review - information)

Board Policy LEI - Partnerships in Education (policy review - information)

Board Policy JD - Student Discipline/Code of Conduct (operating guidelines revision -