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Click Here for Information About Class Selection for 2024-2025 School Year.

Scheduling Timeline and Information

Next week, we will open up Course Recommendations to view for the 2 nd time for 2024-2025 school year.  Riverwood students will need to log into Infinite Campus and check their Academic Planner starting Monday March 4 th and will close on Friday March 8 th at 3:30PM to make sure all recommended courses are correct.  The Counselors will be available in the Cafeteria during all lunches to answers any questions and support students with finalizing their recommendations.



1. Final verification for recommended courses, students log into Infinite Campus and click on Academic Planner to see all the courses recommended for the next grade level.  


2. Parent Portal Access- Parents now have the visibility to view their student's course recommendations.  Follow the steps below:


Login to Parent Portal or Student Portal

  1. Click on student of interest (Skip in student portal)

  2. Click on the menu (three lines in top left corner)

  3. Select Academic Plan

  4. Click Proceed

  5. Here you can view their course recommendations for next year


3. If there are any courses that need changing, you need to fill out the Change Request Form.  Please note the Change Request Form can only be completed once during the 2 nd course verification. 


4. The Waiver Process is open for Fall 24-25 courses.   Recommended that students fill out the Waiver Form as soon as possible.  Once all seats are filled, we will no longer be able to fulfill requests.   Click the link to go to the Scheduling Page to find the waiver.


This Week At A Glance  

  • Week of March 4 th  

    • Final Verification of course recommendations Monday March 4- Friday March 8 at 3:30PM
    • Students review course recommendations in Infinite Campus Student Portal in the Academic Planner

    • Request Changes using the  Change Request Form

    • Counselors will be available in the cafeteria during all lunches

      to answer questions and support student with the scheduling needs.

  • Week of Feb. 20th 
    • st verification of course recommendations open in Infinite Campus Student Portal
    • Course recommendations will be visible in the Student Portal  Feb. 20 @ 4:00PM- Feb. 23 @ 4:00PM
    • Counselors will be available in the cafeteria during lunch periods to support student scheduling needs
    • Fill out the Change Request Form to request a course change.


It is strongly advised that students wanting to engage in the waiver process for non-recommended courses do so during the spring registration process. The Waiver Process will be limited to space available in requested courses in fall 24-25 school year. To learn more about the waiver process please reviews resources on the Scheduling Information Page: