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2022 Governors Honors Program Update

Riverwood has 13 students who have passed the district level and are moving on to the state level of the Governor's Honors Program.  All of our nominees represented Riverwood well, and to have 13 move on is a great success! 
Jasmine Botts     Visual Arts
Reagan Cobb     Communicative Arts
Audrey Compton   Visual Arts
Ella Cooney      Social Studies
Grace Eigel       Dance
Rebecca Huckleby  Visual Arts
Simon Link         Theater
Finley Link        Visual Arts
Isabella Lipham      Social Studies
Lexi Rothman      Theater
Avery Shippy       Communicative Arts
Paula Stroeva       Science
Jordan Weathers    Communicative Arts

Below is the original list of GHP nominees. Each of these students was recommended by a teacher in a specific area of study to possibly pursue their passion in the Governors Honors Program this summer.

Thrasher  Daphne
Huckleby  rebecca 
Easley Madison
Smith Macey
Finch Aryanna
Francis Ava
Abney Sydney
Vitebskiy Anna
Smith Kymani 
Flame Charlotte
Cooney  Ella 
Rothman Lexi
Johnson Kennedy
Cobb Reagan
Lipham Isabella
Cohn Dana
Olevitch Morgan
Link Simon
Lindsay Calvin
Compton Audrey
Stroeva Paula
Weathers Jordan
Botts Jasmine
Eigel Grace
Smith Amani
Shippy  Sarah 
Link  Finley 
Olidge  Maya 
Griffin Kayla
Grech Mackenzie