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Grading Policy

FCS New Grading Policy Effective August 2022

Grading updates 


Attached is Fulton County Schools' updated Grading Policy IHA that was updated and went into effect at the beginning of this school year. 


With the updated grading policy, it is causing us to work hard to create a stronger balance between the grading expectations and student needs.  The expectation now is at minimum 2 majors, 3 minors, and 3 practice assignments per subject per 9 weeks.   


New this year are Non-Academic skills that will be provided every 9 weeks.  The Non-Academic skills are: 

  • Self-Direction: The student follows directions and procedures, sustains attention during class, and/or resists distractions.  
  • Collaboration: The student works well with others, asks for help when needs it, and/or shares ideas. 
  • Problem Solving: The student can describe a problem, finds more than one way to solve a problem, and/or is aware that all actions have outcomes. 
  • Work Habits: The student comes prepared for class, manages time and materials, and/or stays on task. 


Each Non-Academic Skill will be rated to provide ongoing feedback about your student’s participation in each class according to the following key below.  


C = Consistently demonstrates 

O = Often demonstrates 

S = Sometimes demonstrates 

R =Rarely demonstrates  


When looking in Infinite Campus, you will only see the 1st letter that corresponds with the rating above.  For example, Self Direction - C. 

As we work to find balance, please continue to communicate with your student's teachers if your student has concerns with timelines and upcoming assignments and assessments.  Teachers are always your first point of contact for questions concerning your student.  

As always, Infinite Campus is available daily for current grades.  9 Week Grades will be available on Infinite Campus on October 14, 2022.