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DID YOU KNOW? In School Academy Launch

Posted 9/7/2022

As a part of Fulton County School's Bridge to Success Expanded Programs’ initiative, In School Academies are expanding throughout the district this year.

"In School Academies" are part of a dropout prevention strategy being employed by the district and are located inside the following High Schools: Tri-Cities, Banneker, Langston Hughes, Creekside, and Westlake. Staffed with 2 core teachers (one English and one math), and 1 school counselor at each location, participating students will be able to access support and resources in a smaller environment in effort to earn required credits to successfully graduate.

FCS Deputy Chief Academic Officer Dr. Gyimah Whitaker says "We are excited that approximately 15 to 30 students are currently enrolled at each location across the district - which are all up and running, allowing students who may be behind to engage in their learning in an accelerated manner that is supportive and reduces barriers to success."

Dr. Whitaker also notes through the In School Academy accelerated program, students will be able to receive their high school diploma as soon as they acquire all necessary credits, and also participate in an actual graduation ceremony that would potentially take place three times a year including the annual May ceremonies.



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