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DID YOU KNOW? Bridge to Success Supports Summer School

Posted 6/7/2022

Did You Know? Bridge To Success

When it comes to helping students recover from learning loss, Fulton County School leaders plan for this year's Summer School Program to be a big part of the solution. The district's summer school enrollment has grown from about 6,000 students before the pandemic to about 11,000 this year. In years past, only critical students in grades 3, 5, 8, and high school students needing to recover credits could attend summer school. However, this year, any student in grades 1-12 can attend summer school in a smaller learning environment and face to face setting or virtually, thanks to Federal ARP and ESSER funds allocated for Fulton County Schools' Bridge to Success Plan.

Since COVID-19, Bridge to Success has provided over 6 million dollars in funding to pay salaries for summer school staff, as well as purchase summer school materials and supplies for teachers, students, school clinics, and custodians

Fulton County Schools Director of Specials Jennifer Beard says, "Bridge to Success funding enables the district to expand its reach to target all students who need extra help and support." Beard is also excited that in addition to remediation support, some middle grade summer school students will also get to preview content for the upcoming school year and perhaps get ahead.

Summer School is free for all students with learning gaps who have been invited to attend. For more information, visit our Summer School website.


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