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Instructional Elements at FAVE

  • Remote learning under current, COVID-19 circumstances are structured differently than a full-time experience designed specifically for the virtual setting. Therefore, some terms and concepts for the Online Full-Time School may be unique as well. The following list of terms will be helpful to parents and students considering as you learn more about this option.


    Learning Coaches

    At every grade level, a student needs at home support. The amount of at home support depends on the level of independence the student has. 

    • At elementary grade levels, the learning coach is often an adult who is at home with the student helping the student with technical issues or reexplaining instructions to the student. Often the learning coach will be involved and an integral part of the student's live online lessons and independent learning.
    • At the middle and high school grade levels, a learning coach's responsibility depends on the student's readiness and ability to learn independently. Homeroom teachers will reach out frequently to a student's at home learning coach to discuss progress, successes, and areas of growth for the student.


    Live Lessons in Microsoft Teams

    Students will have the opportunity to attend live lessons for the subjects they are learning. At the elementary grade level, daily live instruction will be provided and required. As students begin to develop more and more autonomy in middle and high school, they will still have the same live lesson opportunities, but the opportunities will be more flexible.


    Independent Digital Lessons, Assignments, and Experiences

    At each grade level, the digital lessons are an integral part of the Full-Time School experience. In these digital lessons, students will read through engaging lessons, watch captivating videos, and practice using interactive tools built into their experiences. Students will also complete assignments such as multiple-choice quizzes, essays, and projects that will help them demonstrate mastery of the prioritized standards. The digital curriculum allows students to speed up or slow down, whichever is appropriate for each student.


    Homeroom Teacher as Advisor

    Each student in the middle and high school levels will be assigned a teacher as advisor. The homeroom teacher will communicate frequently with the learning coach and students about the student's progress, areas of strength, and areas of improvement. The homeroom teacher will also provide live instruction on skills to help students be successful in the Full-Time Online School.


    Discussion-Based Assessments

    After students have completed the lessons within the module they will have a short phone conversation with the teacher and answer questions about the information they learned.



    Students have the ability to work ahead of pace if they choose. By working ahead in one subject area the student can spend more time in a subject that they may need additional support and time to create learning growth.



    The full-time online school focuses on students truly learning the information being taught. This gives them the ability to work through assignments and resubmit work to reach their learning goal and mastery of the content.