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Meet the Zone Superintendents: Tim Corrigan, Zone 6

Fulton County Schools (FCS) has appointed seven Zone Superintendents for the 2020-2021 school year. We have asked each of them to answer six questions so you can get to know them. We are sharing responses from Tim Corrigan, Superintendent, Zone 6. Visit the Learning Zone 6 webpage.


Why did you become an educator and who inspires you to lead?

My father inspired me to become an educator. He was not a teacher but served on our local school board for 26 years! I also had a great uncle who was an educator and retired as a junior high school principal. They both believed in the power of public school education. The two leaders that inspired me the most to lead are my parents. My mom and dad raised 6 wonderful children and outside of their job of being parents they were both leaders in their industries. After my parents, the next group that inspired me to lead were the coaches I had throughout high school and college. In my 29 year career in education, I have been fortunate to work for very inspiring leaders in Fulton County: Dr. Hannah Martin, Bill Thompson, Tim Duncan, and Cliff Jones.


What are your hopes as you take on this new challenge of Zone Superintendent?

My hopes for zone 6 is to continue to developing Leaders Worth Following that positively influence their school communities. We will continue to be servant leaders and keep students central to all decisions we make. Zone 6 is very special to me; I was a teacher, assistant principal, and principal in Zone 6. All three of my children are the product of zone 6 schools: State Bridge Crossing ES, Taylor Road MS, and Chattahoochee HS.


What’s the top item on your bucket list?

Spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland!


What are your hobbies?

I enjoy playing tennis, beginner gardening, and I love music.


What’s the last song you added to your playlist?

Classical at Work from Spotify – great music to listen to when I need focus.


What’s your favorite book?

The Bible