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FCS Community Update for August 5, 2021

FCS Community Update


COVID-19 cases continue to rise again in Georgia and Fulton County.  Fulton County Schools officials are closely monitoring data and consulting with public health officials as we strive to begin the new school year in-person with face-to-face instruction.

As indicated earlier this week, FCS will make decisions based on local data taken from the Fulton County Board of Health (FCBOH) Epidemiology Reports and has determined schools and facilities located in municipalities where the rate of infection exceeds 100 per 100,000 residents will require all students, personnel, and visitors to wear masks until such time as the level of spread drops.

The FCBOH August 4, 2021 report indicates the COVID incidence rates for each municipality. Thirteen of the 14 FCS cities in Fulton County exceeded the level public health officials consider “High Community Spread.” Therefore, schools and facilities in these jurisdictions will require masks effective Monday, August 9.  A complete list of affected schools can be found here and will be updated weekly.

Additionally, all FCS staff and students are required to report a confirmed positive case of COVID-19, a pending COVID-19 test result (regardless of the reason for testing), and a direct contact with a person who is COVID-19 positive.

Following updated Georgia Department of Public Health (GaDPH) guidelines for quarantine procedures, FCS will now allow all students, regardless of vaccination status, to continue reporting to school after a direct contact if the individual:

(1) is/remains symptom free, and

(2) wears a mask while on school district property for 10 days after exposure. 

All students who report a pending test result may continue reporting to school if the individual:

(1) is/remains symptom free, and

(2) wears a mask while on school district property until the test results are received and reported. 

Public health officials strongly encourage individuals directly exposed to COVID-19 to get tested after 3-5 days of the exposure.

Thank you for your partnership during this pandemic. Our ability to continue moving forward depends on all of us wearing masks, staying home when sick, and following all the other mitigation strategies recommended to reduce the spread of the virus. We remain committed to providing a safe learning environment while providing our students the very best educational opportunities.