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Fulton Launches Innovative Job Recruitment Campaign

Gus The Buss


Fulton County Schools first mobile recruitment vehicle, 'Gus the Bus,' is the district's newest employee recruiting tool, a one-stop shop approach to hiring.

"We knew we had to be competitive to set ourselves apart from other employers," said Chief Talent Officer Ron Wade. "It's a new tool to finding prospective employees who otherwise would not know about all the jobs we have to offer aside from teaching."

According to Wade, Fulton County Schools has between 3,000-4,000 non-teaching jobs critical for operating the district. These include electricians, bus drivers, food service workers, custodians, mechanical/HVAC positions and many other jobs.

The district's transportation department outfitted the former special needs bus, adding all the equipment needed to run a job recruiting office. The bus is fully equipped with wireless technology to reach essential workers who may not have access to a laptop or computer at home, in addition to those who are simply seeking the convenience of its mobility. As well, recruitment staff is ready and available to assist potential candidates with questions or to help with the process.

"To be competitive we are offering incentives like paid training for bus drivers to get the required license, pension plans and signing bonuses for some positions," Wade said. "Our greatest asset is our employees, and we can't wait to 'drive' that point home to our potential new recruits."

Gus the Bus will travel to job fairs, colleges, high schools and other places where interested applicants can be recruited. Dates and addresses where Gus the Bus is located will soon be posted on the district's website.