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Blended Learning FAQs

What is Blended Learning? 

Blended Learning is a formal education model being successfully used in many schools throughout the nation.  In Blended Learning, students will learn through two processes.  Some learning will take place through online delivery of content and instruction.  This gives students more control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of their own learning.   Some learning will take place through the more traditional approaches of a supervised classroom.  This gives students the one-on-one attention and personal connections needed to support their progress. 

Will Blended Learning change McClarin Success Academy’s alternative approach? 

Blended Learning will change how teachers guide students through their learning. Blended Learning will not change the culture and community the students and staff have built. The Blended Learning model fits well with the school’s goals and philosophy of flexible schedules, meeting individual needs and fostering individual accountability for learning.     

Will devices or technology be provided to students? 

Yes. All students will be provided with devices upon enrollment.   

Will students be required to physically go to the school building? 

Yes. Students will need to come to the school building to plan for and complete some assignments.  However, depending on the student’s schedule, there may be days when the student can work exclusively online.