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Just The Facts: FCS Bill of Rights

When Fulton County Schools (FCS) Superintendent Mike Looney wanted to define the rights for stakeholders in our schools, he asked working groups of students, parents and teachers to help develop the Fulton County Schools Bill of Rights.

The primary charge for these groups?  To develop a list that defined expectations about shared rights and mutual responsibility between FCS and our community.  The result?  A set of three documents called the Student, Parent/Guardian, and Teacher Bill of Rights intended to support an environment of reciprocal accountability for each group.

Both Dr. Looney and the Fulton County Board of Education are committed to our stakeholders and strongly believe their voice matters. Each Bill of Rights will help ensure the voices of individuals will be heard.

While these documents do not create legally enforceable rights, the tenants within them outline clear guidance for our stakeholders and records the commitment of the district.  No one nor system is perfect, and the steps taken to create a guiding set of principles help provide assurances that we have an equitable process for addressing concerns as they arise. We are dedicated to that process and to you.