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Johns Creek High School Student Awarded by United Nations Association


Johns Creek High School Principal Chris Shearer and Savnee PuranikJohns Creek High School senior Savnee Puranik was presented with the 2020-2021 National Community Service Ambassador Award by the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA), an organization of like-minded Americans who are dedicated to supporting the United Nations and its global engagement. Savnee’s Ambassador Award is the highest tier of the three award levels representing 100 or more volunteer hours in one year. Though this award recognized Savnee’s work with three organizations, she has been involved with four. The organizations include Inspiring Together which serves children in foster care, Girls in STEM which promotes female interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Children’s International which supports underserved children in the Dominican Republic and Global Thrombosis Forum (GTF), which spreads awareness of thrombosis (blood clotting conditions that cause dangerous blockages).

Values are a strong component of the award program, and Savnee’s value focus has been on quality education, gender equality and good health and well-being. “The UNA is an inspiration that encourages me to play my part in attempting to bring a positive change in other people’s lives,” she said. She holds leadership positions within all these organizations. For both Girls in STEM and Children’s International clubs at Johns Creek, she serves as president and with Inspiring Together, leads as the student board president. With GTF, she has joined the research team and has assisted a leading expert in the field.

Many of the tasks of the first three organizations have centered around planning activities such as tutoring, music and sports camps, science experiments and writing letters as well as occasional travel to the Dominican Republic to bring school supplies to children. With GTF, though having no previous knowledge of thrombotic dangers that can cause strokes or heart attacks, Savnee became interested in prevention research after a family member developed a post-surgical clot. She completed a medical internship through GTF at Loyola University in Chicago where she managed a project on the Caprini Score, the risk assessment tool to gauge one’s risk of thrombotic conditions. She is presently working with Dr. Joseph Caprini, a leading vascular surgeon and creator of the assessment.  

Savnee will be attending UN Day virtually on October 25. She plans to major in financial or industrial engineering in hopes of pursuing a career in finance and to start a nonprofit organization for marginalized communities to empower them to become financially literate.