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Geography Bee

This month teachers in Hopewell Middle School’s social studies classes held a class Geography Bee competition to identify one winner from each period. On March 26th these class winners then competed in a heated Kahoot! elimination round. The elimination round narrowed the participants to ten students who would then compete in the final round. At this level, the questions are very difficult, and the pressure is high. Our third-place winner this year was 7th grader Jude Alexander, and then the Championship round came down to two students.  7th grader Kareem Williams and 7th grader Christian Peterson competed in the Championship round with Kareem placing second and Christian being crowned the 2024 Hopewell Middle School Geography Bee Champion. The winning question was tough and a double tiebreaker. "Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, which African country is a monarchy, with the King's official residence in the city of Rabat?"  Christian correctly answered with the response “Morocco." Congratulations to the winners and all students who participated in this year’s competition. 

geography bee