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Monday 01/24/21 is a Late Start Day/Power Monday Day - Click Here

Hello Parents,

Monday 1/24/22 is a Late Start Day/Power Monday. Your child may arrive until 8:40am without being marked tardy. Kindergarten and first grades will be participating in Science Day while Pre-K, second, third, fourth and fifth gradeswill have a normal schedule. Your child's teachers have planned fun learning for this time on Monday. We are encouraging all students to be on time so that students don't miss any of the learning and fun. Future Late Start Days/Power Mondays will be:

February 28 - 4th and 5th will have Science Day

March 21 - 2nd and 3rd will have Science Day

When your child's grade level is listed above, they will be doing something special on those days. All other grades will follow a normal schedule.

All parents do have the right to bring their child in until 8:40 without being tardy. We will run bus and carpool at normal times (7:10-7:35 am). If you drop your child off after 7:35 please walk them to the door and ring the bell. Enter the building and sign them in. The front office staff will make sure your child knows where to go upon arrival.

We are encouraging all parents to drop off their child at their normal time. This helps with routine, maximizing instructional opportunities, and ensures that they don't miss any of the Career Day or Science Day for their grade level.

I know this is a little confusing. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks.

AJ Smith, Principal

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