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FCS Budget Update for May 31, 2022

FCS Budget Update

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In May, after two public hearings for the FY2023 preliminary budget, the Board of Education gave approval to the FY 2023 Tentative Budget as proposed by the Superintendent.

Continuing with sound financial practices, including a modified zero-based budgeting approach, and following the budget parameters set by the Board, the FY23 budget focused resources on educational outcomes with 78 percent allocated directly to schools and a new compensation package for employees. The tentative budget also assumes reducing the millage rate to 17.49 for the 2022 property tax year, keeping Fulton County with the lowest school property taxes in the metro area.

During the budget development process, the school system endeavored to be transparent, holding numerous workshops with the Board and public meetings. After many discussions with staff and gathering input from school leaders and stakeholders, the FY2023 proposed Pension Fund, School Nutrition Fund and Special Revenue Fund budgets were presented to the school Board in detail during the March 17 board meeting, and the Superintendent’s Comprehensive General Fund and Capital Improvement Program budgets were presented to the school Board in detail during the April 14 board meeting.

On May 12, 2022, the Superintendent presented a tentative budget and millage rate with Board action, continuing the process toward final adoption, which is expected on June 7. Public hearings and the adoption of the millage rate are expected in July, depending on the availability of the tax digest. 

Breakdown of the FY 2022 Tentative Budget:

General Fund:
School Nutrition Fund:
Special Revenue Fund:
Capital Program Fund:
Pension Fund:
Student Activity Fund:

The total appropriation amount for all funds is $1,634,538,771.

All details of the tentative budget, including budgeted salary schedules, all provisos, School Allotment Guidelines, and the five-year capital program are contained in the FY23 Budget Book and can be found here.