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New online platform provides connection to personalized, local resources to Fulton Co.

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Do you know where to go to find needed resources in your area? Do you wish you could just plug your location in to a website and immediately see options?

Fulton County Schools’ Office of Student Supports is helping launch a game-changing tool called Connect Fulton to all of Fulton County. Anyone - not only FCS students and employees, but also parents and community members who live and/or work in Fulton County - can go to, enter their zip code and access thousands of local, reduced-cost resources. Whether the need is for food, housing, financial, medical, clothing, job training, etc., a multitude of services and solutions are available. Despite the wide array of offerings in Fulton County, navigating the web of options can be difficult and time-consuming. Connect Fulton is an easy-to-use, intuitive site that streamlines the search process enabling users to customize their lists and find an appropriate match for their essential needs. Using Connect Fulton also helps preserve more dignity and privacy for the user in seeking assistance.

Additionally, Connect Fulton can be used to help others in need and send links straight to their email. Interested participants can apply directly through the website if the organization requires an application. The site is available in numerous languages, and one can search for an organization that offers communication in a specific language.  

Connect Fulton was customized for Fulton County through, an Austin-based online platform that makes technology that connects people with social and medical services, housing and food resources.

FCS encourages sharing of Connect Fulton on social media channels with all affiliated groups.