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Fall Semester Recovery Work

  • All missing work must be submitted by December 8th at 11:59pm. The maximum grade students may earn for late work as of November 20th is 75%.
  • Students should login to Infinite Campus and identify which assignments report an “I” for incomplete or a zero. (both indicate that the assignment was not submitted or was not completed successfully).
  • To receive credit for the course, students must submit at least 80% of the assignments and the final grade must be at least 70% or higher. Your child may need to complete additional assignments beyond that 80% if the average isn’t passing.
  • Students should visit their Microsoft Team and review the Assignments Tab to locate their missing assignments and/or any feedback provided for assignments completed incorrectly.
  • Students should attend class and review previous class recordings which provide direct instruction to support the assignment.
  • Assignments will be graded for accuracy, and not just completion. We encourage students to complete all assignments. Completing the minimum number of grades may not push students to a passing grade.
  • Plagiarized assignments will automatically receive a failing grade and students will not receive an additional opportunity to recover after the December 8th
  • Teachers will be available for additional support and assistance for any student with an incomplete or failing grade during the week of December 15th -December 18th. Any student who has an incomplete or a failing grade in a course and, therefore, needs to recover their classes must attend a TEAMS meeting during their scheduled class session. Additional information will be shared after December 11th.