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Reporting Attendance


Regular and punctual attendance is essential for school success. Students who are absent from school are deprived of a variety of valuable educational experiences. When we believe absences and/or tardies are becoming excessive, school personnel will contact you. If the problem is not resolved, our school social worker may intervene.


Please send all attendance notes to and your child’s teacher.  

In order for students in Fulton County Schools to learn and achieve, it is critical that they attend and engage in the learning process. Student absences impact a child’s ability to succeed.

The Board supports enforcement of Georgia's Compulsory School Attendance Law which makes school attendance the responsibility of the parent and the student. Parents should avoid scheduling or arranging activities that require absences during the school day due to the detrimental impact on the student’s access to, and progress in, their educational program. Any child in the state of Georgia subject to compulsory attendance who during the school calendar year has more than five (5) days of unexcused absences is considered truant (Georgia State Board of Education Rule 160-5-1-.10). Board Policy JD, Student Discipline, outlines consequences for failure to comply with this law.