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FCS Students Shine with 2020 SAT Scores

SAT According to results released this week by The College Board, Fulton County Schools’ (FCS) students outperformed their peers as part of the 2020 SAT cohort by 35 and 48 points higher than the state and national averages, respectively. This is the third consecutive year FCS students outpaced their peers.

The SAT consists of two sections, Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math with an optional essay section. Both sections are scored on a scale from 200 to 800 points. The essay, if taken, is scored separately. A comparison of results for the 2020 cohort is shown in the table below:


  Student Taking Test Mean EBRW Score Mean Math Score Total EBRW and Math
Fulton County Schools 5114 545 532 1078
Georgia 64,047 532 511 1043
Nation 1,849,197 520 510 1030


“Our students are performing well and I am pleased with aspects of this report, but acknowledge there is much more to be done,” said FCS superintendent Mike Looney. “I also feel compassion for the impact the pandemic has had on our students. Becoming the first district to close due to positive COVID-19 cases was not only disruptive to learning and preparation, it prevented additional opportunities for students to proactively retake the test.”

During his first year as superintendent, the district completed an instructional audit of this district’s SAT preparation plans and as a result has instituted several reforms for 2020-21 school year which will increase access and preparation programming for students across the district.

The number of students taking the test in 2020 decreased by nearly six (6) percent to 5,114; however, the percentage of FCS 2020 graduates participating in the SAT remained the same from 2019 at approximately 77 percent. Although district scores experienced a decrease from the prior year, five (5) schools had an increase in their total score compared to 2019: 


  Total EBRW and Math Gain
2019 2020
Cambridge High School 1185 1206 21
Centennial High School 1090 1092 2
Hapeville Career Academy 867 882 15
Independence High School 966 1000 34
North Springs Charter High School 1048 1073 25


The total score for FCS students was 1078, an 8-point drop from 2019. Scores for students in public schools in Georgia and the nation also experienced declines of 5 and 9 points, respectively, compared to the prior year.

Looking forward, Fulton County Schools is focused on providing high quality SAT preparation during the school day and after school. The system will continue to give test administration access by offering the SAT School Day on October 27, 2020.