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"It's OK" Campaign Continues Through December

It's OK Banner


Counseling, Psychological and Social Work Services (CPSW) Campaign, "It's OK", is taking place through December. It's Ok not to feel Ok. It's Ok to have bad days. It's OK to ask how someone is feeling. It's OK to ask for help.

This year CPSW decided to add a "December boost" campaign because this time of year can be tough for kids. The holidays, grief, family challenges, end of the semester grades, college acceptances, final exams, et. all bring extra stress and pressure.

"It's OK stickers were provided to students at all schools," said Chelsea Montgomery, Executive Director Counseling, Psychological and Social Work Services. "It's Ok notecards were also provided to counselors with resources listed on the back for students in middle and high schools only. We also distributed posters to every school and administrative building to be posted throughout the month of December. Board members also received these materials for December community meetings and for information purposes. Finally, all school psychologists, counselors, graduation coaches, and social workers, including district office staff, received It's Ok t-shirts."

We know that adults will benefit from this campaign as well. Spread the word throughout December using the hashtag #OKFCS!