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FCS Elevates Seven Schools from Turnaround Eligible List

The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement provides an annual list of the public schools with lower rankings on its College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI); known as the Turnaround Eligible list. The state recently released the 2019 list, which includes all schools with a three-year CCRPI average of 57.0 and below.

Due to a consistent and dedicated effort by Fulton County Schools’ (FCS) students, teachers, staff and community, seven schools of nine previously listed as turnaround eligible were removed from the 2019 list.

“Fulton County Schools has a commitment to our community to have zero failing schools, and none on the turnaround eligible list. This is one more step toward reaching that commitment,” said Chief Academic Officer Cliff Jones.

The seven schools removed from the 2019 list are:

  • Asa G. Hilliard Elementary School
  • Feldwood Elementary School
  • Love T. Nolan Elementary School
  • Parklane Elementary School
  • Paul D. West Middle School
  • Ronald E. McNair Middle School
  • Woodland Middle School

To achieve this success, FCS followed a process that diagnosed areas of improvements, focused action plans on the related areas, monitored the plans collectively between district and school staff, and publicly reported the status each month.

Each school focused on their specific needs and implemented standards-based lessons aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence. The lesson plans reinforced rigorous learning and ensured the students who needed additional help received support. Finally, the district implemented intervention programming such as “May-mester” and Jumpstart which extended students’ learning time.

“We are excited to see the improved results, but we must continue with the schools that struggle to secure a heightened level of success for all students,” stated superintendent Mike Looney. “Fulton County Schools has demonstrated effective leadership which can help our students rise, and the three schools on the current year list will rise too.”

Three schools listed for 2019 are:

  • College Park Elementary
  • SL Lewis Elementary
  • Bethune Elementary

For the 2019 Turnaround Eligible Schools List, click here. To view the executive summary of the list, click here.