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Fulton Goes Blue: April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child Abuse Prevention Month April 2019


Child Abuse Prevention Month gives everyone the opportunity to think about what role they can play in keeping kids safe and families strong every day of the year. Fulton’s school social workers are prepared to assist our community in shining the spotlight on prevention. Fulton school employees will participate in Wear Blue Day on April 12. All employees are asked to wear blue attire in recognition of National Child Abuse Prevention Month and post and submit pictures using #fultongoesblue to raise awareness. Watch our social media feeds to see photos and activities.


Here are the Facts:

Everyone wants to provide and nurture their child in a positive, healthy environment, but sometimes parents need a little support along the way. In a national survey, 94% of parents said they needed help of some kind; 86% said they would be grateful for services, childcare or other support. However, in a separate study, fewer than 20% of parents said they would actually seek help. (Source: Prevent Child Abuse Georgia)

We encourage families to seek additional resources by calling the 1-800-CHILDREN (1-800-244-5373) Helpline to talk to trained professionals who can connect them with supportive programs in their area. In Fulton, parents can also request assistance from school social workers.

Most people think child abuse and neglect is a serious problem and believe that the problem is preventable: 97% of adults have said they would take action on behalf of children, they just don’t know howMost people are already involved in prevention by mentoring children or parents (70%), donating (80%), or advocating for children and families (77%).  Those involved in these activities can help prevent mistreatment of children.  Click this link to Request a Training to learn more about prevention.


Prevent Child Abuse Georgia suggests the following ways we can all become involved to help support parents and create great childhoods for children:

  • Volunteer for an after-school mentoring program.
  • Give a new mom a break by bringing over dinner or offering to babysit.
  • Coach a youth sports team to teach kids the value of teamwork—they’ll learn how to trust teammates and themselves.
  • Invite friends, neighbors, or colleagues over for a Civic Dinner to talk about ‘Nurturing Communities’. When you sign-up to host you will receive a guide to lead people into meaningful conversations.
  • Encourage families you know to call the 1-800-CHILDREN (1-800-244-5373) Helpline to talk to trained professionals who will connect them with supportive programs in their area.
  • Go online to use the 1-800-CHILDREN Resource Map,, which contains over 3,000 local and statewide programs designed to assist and support families.


During this month, you may see schools and departments participating in the below activities to raise awareness during National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The community is also invited to “wear blue” and to consider similar activities in support of students and families.

  1. Wear the color Blue in support of Child Abuse Prevention Month
    Encourage students and staff to wear the color blue every Friday, beginning April 12, during the month of April.
  2. Pinwheels for Prevention ® Garden Planting
    Pinwheels are the symbol for child abuse prevention across the United States through the national Pinwheels for Prevention public awareness campaign.  Designed by Prevent Child Abuse America, the campaign will communicate our efforts to change the way we think about prevention, focusing on community activities that prioritize healthy child development and child abuse prevention right from the start to ensure abuse never occurs.  Nearly 900,000 pinwheels have been displayed since April 2008.
    - Choose a highly visible location and “plant” a pinwheel garden.
    - Create pinwheels – Click 2019 CAP Month Toolkit for instructions.
  3. Build A Blue Ribbon Tree / Fence
    The blue ribbon is the international sign for child abuse prevention and serves as a constant reminder that all of us have a responsibility in helping to protect children.  Your school can participate by having students displaying blue ribbons on a tree or tie them to a fence at your school throughout the month of April.  Choose a highly visible location.