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Fulton School Board Meeting Recognitions: February 21, 2019

NOTE - The Fulton County Board of Education is proud to recognize the achievements of FCS schools, students, and staff at our monthly meetings. A portion of the remarks have been transcribed here. 


Cliff Jones: Good Evening President Bryant, Members of the Board, and Dr. Loe. Tonight, we are recognizing two students who are excelling in their music and art programs.


Langston Hughes Music Student

I will begin with an extraordinary musician who is a junior at Langston Hughes High School. This student was selected to play in the Georgia Music Educators Association’s All-State String Orchestra. Auditions include a rigorous, two-round process of playing scales from memory, a prepared classical piece and sight-reading. Students qualify on the district level and advance to the state level to play alongside top musicians across Georgia. Would Raymond Osborne please come to the front?

Raymond has been studying violin privately for seven years and is a member of the Emory University Youth Orchestra. He is a former member of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Franklin Pond Chamber Music Program. Currently, Raymond serves as the concertmaster, or “first chair”, of the Langston Hughes High School Chamber Orchestra. He plans to major in music in college with the hope of eventually becoming a professional musician. He will head to Athens, GA in early March for the All-State weekend of rehearsals and performance at the Classic Center. Congratulations!

Anthony Osborne


Langston Hughes Art Student

Our next and final honoree is also a junior at Langston Hughes, and an outstanding art student. Her work was selected for exhibition at the 2019 All State Art Symposium at Columbus State University. This annual Symposium is dedicated to promoting and recognizing the creative talents of high school students from Georgia's school districts. State-level qualifying student art work will be exhibited on the campus at the Symposium in March. Would Cierra Russell please come forward?

Cierra’s work was chosen from over 1,000 entries for acceptance. Since her freshman year, she has been enrolled in numerous art courses, including AP Art, and has multi-media experience in sculpture, jewelry making, photography, digital design and painting. She will be inducted into the National Art Honor Society next fall. Cierra is known by her art instructors to be a hard-working, kind, and empathetic scholar who has grown significantly in Langston Hughes’ visual arts program through practice and persistence in her craft. Congratulations!

Cierra Russell


This concludes our recognitions.