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Hardship Transfer Applications Are Due By February 28

Residents of Fulton County may request that their child attend a school outside of their neighborhood assigned school. Students must be eligible based on the Board Policy and guidelines for hardships. Additionally, all placements are made based on available space at the requested school and must be renewed each year.

Students must meet the following guidelines to be considered eligible for a student transfer approval and/or renewal.


Students may not have more than 15 tardies and/or five (5) or more unexcused absences for the current or previous school year.

If absences are excused or medical but exceed five (5) days, parents must provide written explanation of why the absences occurred.


Students who have not maintained satisfactory behavior in school are not granted permission to transfer under hardship policy. Students currently attending a school on an approved hardship, but failing to maintain satisfactory behavior will be subject to revocation of the existing transfer.

Elementary school students who have been involved in five (5) or more incidents or who have received more than three (3) days Out of School Suspension.

Middle or High school students who have received more than 5 days Out of School Suspension or In-School Suspension.

Important things to note:

  • Student hardships are only available for residents within the Fulton County School district. Employee hardships are the exception.
  • Transportation to and from the transfer school is not provided by Fulton County Schools.
  • Transfers for siblings ARE NOT guaranteed with any of the transfer options.
  • Student hardship transfers must be renewed each year.
  • Transfer applications are for the up-coming school year.


For more information, download the Transfer Brochure


Click here to apply for a Hardship Transfer