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Just The Facts: ‘Start with Hello’ Campaign

1. See someone alone, 2. Reach out and help, 3. Start with Hello


FCS Rolls Out Students First, Safety First Initiative to Stop School Violence

As students head back to school in August, Fulton County Schools is implementing a new initiative to help prepare for their return to safe and secure schools. The district will roll out the “Start With Hello” campaign, a component of the Students First, Safety First initiative to prevent school violence.

The “Start With Hello” campaign utilizes a three-step program to encourage empathy, connectivity and minimize social isolation, a major contributing factor in school violence. Throughout the year, FCS will offer several community awareness events and opportunities to collaborate with other local agencies to support our students.

A second component offers schools the opportunity to start a SAVE club, another Sandy Hook strategy, helping students to lead these efforts in their school.  

The third step is the See Something, Say Something campaign promoting the use of the anonymous FCS Tip Line to report anything students see that produces concern for safety of self or others.

Across America, school safety ranks as a major concern among school leaders, students, parents, and legislative bodies.  Since the Columbine shooting in 1999, there have been over 275 school shootings and countless other acts of violence.  In 2019, 3,371 children and teens were killed with guns, enough to fill more than 168 classrooms of 20 students each.

“In Fulton County Schools, students and safety come first, and our goal is for every student to feel safe at school,” said Assistant Superintendent Student Services Dr. Chris Matthews. “Start With Hello” is one of the many ways FCS is supporting a safe and healthy learning environment.”

In addition to a social media campaign utilizing the hashtag #FCSStartWithHello, the district will have a “Start with Hello” spirit week August 9-13. Find more information at