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Senior Student and Parent Meeting February 11th 5:00 -6:00PM

Greetings Senior Parents,

Please join us for a meeting Thursday, February 11th, 5:00-6:00 p.m. Click here to join the meeting During this meeting, we will share important information and updates. Please ask your child to attend the meeting with you, if possible, so they can hear this information as well.

Can you believe we are a few months away from graduation? This semester will be an exciting time! The senior class officers and sponsors are planning fun activities to provide a memorable last semester of high school for seniors.

  • In order to participate in these activities, seniors must clear all incompletes and failing grades from Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 courses that are required to meet the 23 credits for graduation.
  • Once seniors have cleared the incompletes and failing grades they earned as final grades, they will need to contact their counselor.  
  • As a reminder, students currently have an awesome opportunity to clear incompletes and recover failing grades from Fall 2020 by completing one comprehensive assignment given by their teacher. This assignment needs to be completed in its entirety and submitted to teachers by March 5th.
  • If students do not clear incompletes or recover failing grades for Fall 2020 courses with their teachers by March 5th, they will be enrolled in an online course. The benefit of clearing Fall 2020 incompletes and failing grades with teachers by March 5th is students only have one comprehensive assignment to complete and not a full online course.
  • Students who need to clear Spring 2020 incompletes already have been enrolled in Edgenuity online courses and should be working to clear those incompletes.
  • Please encourage your child to clear their incompletes for Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 by March 5th, so they can participate in the senior activities this semester and be on track for graduation in May!   
  • If you have questions about the specific courses that students have incompletes, please contact your child’s counselor or Ms. Holloway, Graduation Coach, at
  • If you have general questions, you can contact your child's counselor or Ms. Flowers, Senior Administrator, at