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Bell Schedule

Sent to parents/guardians and students on November 13, 2023.

End of Semester Bell Schedule  

Good afternoon, Bears and Bear Families!

We are getting near the end of the semester! In 4 days, we will be off for Thanksgiving Break. We then return for three weeks and end the semester. This semester is flying past! A few things to remember as we near the end of the semester:

  • Thanksgiving Break is perfect for catching up on missing work or assignments. Please check Infinite Campus this week as a family, and reach out to your teacher if you need help locating missing assignments for completion. Remember that students only have until the end of the next unit to turn in work and face a penalty of 25% off the grade for late work.
  • Thanksgiving Break is also a good time to get caught up (or ahead) in Fulton Virtual courses. There are MANY students behind in virtual right now. Please reach out to your Fulton Virtual teacher or log into Canvas to ensure you are on track to finish the course.
  • All teachers are giving an assessment on the Final Days of the semester (December 13 & 14). The type of assessment is at the teacher’s discretion; it could be a minor grade, major grade, a quiz, test, or project, or cumulative or based on the last unit of the semester. Regardless of the type of assessment, the assessment will count towards the student’s final grade of the semester. Teachers will inform students of the Final Days Assessment format. 
  • Final Days Assessments will not be given early.
  • Teachers will not be giving assessments on December 11 – 12 to allow students time to study and prepare for the Final Days Assessments.
  • The bell schedule for the Final Days can be found above and at the end of this message. The last three days of the semester will be half-days, with buses pulling out at 12:45 pm.
  • As a reminder, by Board Policy, there are no preapproved absences in the last two weeks of the semester. Students are expected to be at school until the last day of the semester.
  • The final day of the semester, December 15, will be a Recovery Day for any students who need it based off the Final Days Assessments. Students who fail to come to Recovery Day forfeit the ability to recover the Final Days Assessment. Students who do not need Recovery will not be expected to attend.

I will be sending another message at the end of the week, but I know that people are starting to make holiday plans, so I wanted to get this information out ASAP. Thank you for your support! Be safe. Be the BRIDGE. GO BEARS!Sincerely,Ashley Agans, Proud Principal of Cambridge High School

End of Semester Bell Schedule