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Feedback for SGC

The Cambridge High School Governance Council is collecting comments for 30 days (September 7 - October 7) regarding the Closed-Campus Attendance Requirements Opt-in Waiver. Families can leave feedback through the form (link below) or in a suggestion box that will be located in the Bridge East Front Office. The SGC will consider feedback and vote on the waiver at their October 17, 2023 meeting, to be held in room 2.4.28 at 4:00 pm. The meeting will also be available via Teams (link below).

You are asked to choose whether you agree or disagree with the following adoption of procedure by the Cambridge High School SGC:

The Closed-Campus Attendance Requirements Flexibility Option will provide upperclassmen with the ability to leave campus during their lunch period or to leave campus during a designated time and return for class later in the day.  The Off-Campus incentive qualifies as a school-wide reward and would recognize upperclassmen on track for graduation with a demonstrated track record of appropriate discipline and expected attendance.  Parents may revoke a student's privilege to leave campus at any time, and students will lose the privilege if they get off track for graduation or have attendance or discipline concerns.  

Intended outcomes of the Request: 

Will provide students the flexibility to create more customized schedules; Behavioral incentives for students who meet graduation, discipline, and attendance expectations; Increased personal management, college, and life skills for students from the added responsibility and accountability expectations.

If approved, specific parameters are to be determined. 

Feedback Form (closes October 7)

SGC Meeting:

October 17, 2023
4:00 pm
Room 2428

Teams Meeting Link