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Professional of the Year

Keith Sims has dedicated 24 years to empowering youth through education. His devotion to academic excellence serves as on-going inspiration to both colleagues and students. Benjamin Banneker High School takes great pride in awarding Mr. Sims with the 2020 Professional of the Year Award. Within Banneker’s unique learning space, he has both gained and shared insurmountable knowledge. Mr. Sims works directly with teachers as a Math Instructional Coach and he also coordinates Banneker's Extended Day/Night School program, while additionally serving as a Senior Success Manager. As an instructional coach, he has extensive content knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for the supporting teachers within his department as well as others.  As the Extended Day/Night School Coordinator, Mr. Sims leads a team that provides opportunity for credit recovery, ultimately increasing graduation rates and decreasing student retention and dropout rates.  As a Senior Success Manager, he’s maintained a 100% success rate, motivating many students to go off into the world and spark positive global change. Mr. Sims takes pride in Banneker High School, pouring into the school for nearly a decade. His eight years of leadership has allowed him to experience an atmosphere of determination and resilience that he has never experienced at any other institution. Mr. Sims enforces a sense of structure and accountability while emphasizing the notion that anything is possible. His time at Banneker has been an “enlightening experience (he) will cherish forever.”