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Teacher of the Year

Our Teacher of the Year for 2020 is Ms. Yolanda Goggins. Ms. Goggins began her professional career as a math tutor for Columbus State University. Given her talents, she progressed to head tutor, ultimately landing a full-time job at the institution. After one year, she transitioned to Banneker High School in 1994, marking 2020 as her 26th year working for the school. With 27 total teaching years under her belt, Ms. Goggins has learned patience and the importance of innovation. Instilling creativity into each of her lessons is pertinent, crafting individual experiences for every student. “Students do not all learn the same,” says Ms. Goggins, taking pride in her ability to teach effectively no matter the student’s learning level. Inspired by teachers that came before her, she revels in their work, striving to achieve similar accomplishments. She is often celebrated for her student growth percentile rates and praised for her Saturday School initiative: Freshman Academy. She loves the students at Banneker and wants the world to know how committed the students are. “Despite their circumstances, Banneker High School scholars are devoted to excellence.” Serving as the Algebra 1 instructor, Ms. Goggins hopes to pour 30 years into Banneker High School, leaving the legacy of a teacher who truly gave her all.