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In Case You Missed It

Greetings Westlake Family,

Please see the links for all of our previous meetings below. I have also attached pertinent information from those meetings below this e-mail to support those who may not have been in attendance.

 9th Grade Orientation

 High School 101

 Get Involved!

 Athletics 101

 D.I.G. Goal Setting

 10th Grade Parent Meeting

 11th Grade Parent Meeting

 2020-2021 Parent Bootcamp

The videos above are posted to our school YouTube page which can be found here Westlake YouTube Page and will also be shared on the school website. We will post the videos of the other meetings shortly after they have concluded. Please subscribe and follow our YouTube page for updates as we progress through the Universal Remote Learning period. We have a challenge ahead of us, but we are more than equipped and we will meet it together!


Thank you,

 SY_2021_Junior_Class_Meeting_Q&A.pdf (68.0 KB)
 Parent_bootcamp_Summer_2021.pdf (5.8 MB)
 FAQ_Student_Services.pdf (221.7 KB)
 Westlake_Course_Progression.pdf (153.4 KB)