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WBMS Parents and Guardians of Rising 6th Graders -

We are looking forward to working with you and your students next year. Our first order of business is to ensure they are placed in the correct classes.

Your child’s current teachers have completed the course recommendation process using The Webb Bridge Indicators of Success.  Earlier this year, teachers analyzed student data to re-evaluate these recommendation guidelines specifically for our community; however, they do not replace the district course guidelines.  These course recommendations will be emailed home Thursday, March 26th. Please be on the lookout for them! They are due back (only if you desire a change) on Wednesday, April 1st. Directions for requesting a change will be provided on the course recommendation. It is important to thoroughly review your student’s course recommendations.  You will be able to indicate a change to your student’s schedule if you feel it is warranted and fits within the county guidelines.      

Please know this is the first round of course recommendations, and teachers will revisit students’ recommended placement in May and make changes, if necessary, based on second semester progress. We will send home a second and final course verification close to the end of the school year. However, once decisions have been made in May, they are final unless there are extenuating circumstances.  We are not able to make changes for students later in the summer or next fall because we must build our SY20/21 Master schedule (based on student course requests) this Spring.

Please keep in mind that each teacher is looking only at an individual subject not all the other factors that must be taken into consideration when designing a complete schedule. Thus, you and your student must carefully consider the entire schedule as well as take into consideration extracurricular activities, social activities, family time, downtime, etc. We want our students to enjoy the entire school experience; that requires designing a schedule specific to the individual needs and goals of your student.

Here is a copy of both the WBMS Indicators of Success and the county guidelines:  

Placement Guidelines

Additional Course Placement Materials

We want to educate and partner with our parent community throughout this process. Normally we host an evening to share additional information; however, this year, all resources will be available on our website. If you have questions regarding your child’s courses, please reach out to his or her current teachers and grade level counselor. We are here to support you through this process.

In collaboration -


Rebecca Williams

Principal, Webb Bridge Middle School


Through an inclusive community, we commit to cultivate each facet of each child in order to have a positive impact on tomorrow’s world.

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