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Carpool 21-22

Webb Bridge Carpool- How it Works
Our carpool line gets VERY long but if everyone follows the carpool pattern, it will move quickly!
Please, please, please don't be the person who is impatient, skips the parking lot, and drives straight to the circle. You will make a lot of parents mad and its not safe.
No carpool numbers this year.
Yes, there are 2 lines in the circle! 1 is for cars that have already picked up, and 1 is for waiting cars. This goes against what many of us are used to (yes, it is ok to pull out into the left lane after you picked up your child and pass waiting cars in the circle ). If we don't have the system, our line would back up further onto Webb Bridge Rd.
That being said, the left lane in the circle is NOT for student pickup. Super dangerous!
Overall, follow the pattern and the line will move smoothly.
Be aware that the carpool lane starts to fill up very early (around 3:30/3:40) so if you are doing an early checkout the visitor spots are very hard to get in and out of.